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We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners.

 Welcome to Online Marketing Shark! We are owned and operated in Hampton Roads, Va and have worked with companies across the country as I'll get into with a very recent case study.


A little background about myself first, I have been in the Internet Marketing realm for just over 10 years. I first discovered online marketing when I learned my Aunt, a biochemist, created her very own chocolate chew for diabetics like herself to help regulate blood sugar etc. (Formula pi2) and that I could affiliate market for her while making money along the way.


However I didn't understand the skills needed to rank online to help my Aunt sell her product for my piece of that pie...


Too often my eye was on that piece of the pie that I failed to offer any real value to people and thus I made no money at all.


Through years of trial and error and failing miserably marketing venture after the next, I finally discovered a secret (thats really no secret at all),


"Your income is determined by your ability to help / solve others problems."


I learned pretty quick the power of providing value up front, and putting good-will into the marketplace.


I started this business an Active Duty Entrepreneur going on 6 years, going in as an Air Traffic Controller and leaving as a F22 Aircraft Structural Maintainer. I am honored to have served my country and dedicated to continuing my service to the local Hampton Roads community. These experiences alone have allowed me to earn a skill set consisting of leadership, attention-to-detail, and relentless drive to do more.


With my military career ending and my entrepreneurial journey taking flight there couldn't have been a better opportunity to of met 2 gentlemen that changed my life forever. They are Experts in both the Local Marketing area and Facebook Advertising platform. They allowed me to work alongside them (virtually) which has allowed me gain the skills and insight in the minds of 2 crazy sucessful SEO Experts. I was so attracted to what skill set they had not because they can get their client to page 1 of Google, but on how they were able to scale their business so quickly and were able to consistently add clients to their pipeline really captivated me.


Through these guys direct leadership I learned to leverage the internet as well and to add clients to my own business that in-turn exponentially increase client acquisition for their businesses as well. As time passed and my service commitment had come to an end, I learned how to work with any business that sold any product or service. The end results are win-win scenarios for everyone. My mentors guaranteed there results, and so do I in my business.


​Since, I've launched multiple online businesses and have managed local businesses online from the East Coast to the West Coast. I am currently managing online businesses all over the U.S. My skill set, resources, and reach is virtually limitless. My clients receive FREE consultations, FREE site analysis, FREE FaceBook Ad Funnel Set Up. I believe in transparency. If you know the cost, exact strategies taken, and the expectations then you have a process that is results driven with a guarantee ROI.


My primary mission is to partner with you, market your business online, combine creative ideas in search technologies to deliver measurable results that will help your brand using social media promotion to drive motivated buyers to your website to spend money with you.


If you are looking to expand your small business in Hampton Roads, Virginia, or in any city anywhere, then call me today. Trust that I will give the best strategy on how to grow your business online. My #1 guarantee is results, real results with real clicks and real buyers. Call me today at 757-803-0138


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7 Websites Developed

100+ Videos Cast

+1,200 Coffee caps

O U R    V I S I O N

Hampton Roads, Virginia #1 Internet Marketing Agency that changes the way local businesses speak, listen and share online in Hampton VA and throughout the country!

The Right Tools For The Right Campaign

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver a personal, passionate & tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small through the use of todays best internet marketing tools.


Some remarkable events my digital marketing agency has to bespoke.


September, 2016

Agency founded by web enthusiasts Michael Kuzmiak while still active duty stationed at Langley AFB Hampton, Virginia.


"Captain America by Day, SEO Shark by Night!" 

Modeling a newly acquired skill set, he runs a marketing test and sets up virtual real estate on the opposite side of the country, Chula Vista California to be exact...


Quickly acquires Google Page 1 search results for Towing website in Chula Vista, California using newly acquired skill set.

Finds a business owner to rent leads generated by website out to local Towing company.

Unlocks secret to dominating Local SEO while proving (to himself & others) Local SEO can be conquered where ever an internet connection is!



February, 2017

Learns to leverage Facebook Ads for Local Business through a mentors direct leadership to add local clients and in-turn exponentially increase client acquisition for their businesses.


Present 2017

BIG things are happening this year at Online Marketing Shark, if your business would like to expand exponentially this year and be part of a MASSIVE case study release later this year please contact us today!

Because we can only take on so many clients at once for these case studies they will be set up on a first come basis.

Contact a shark today if you would like more information on how we can start a custom tailored campaign for YOUR business ABSOLUTELY FREE!