Michael Kuzmiak, Founder & CEO

Online Marketing Shark, Michael Kuzmiak is Virginia’s local B2B (business to business) entrepreneur enacting as a marketing mogul intermediary for local businesses in and around Hampton Roads, Virginia.

“By generating solid leads right away for your business, my cutting edge training helps me demonstrate a professional edge w/ these up front results!”

With the vast knowledge and competitive skill set to scale your business ten fold, I put my money where my mouth is and can typically be found specializing in local lead generation for even some obscure niches!

I personally do the due diligence required in advance encompassing your local niche marketplace specifically to determine a plan of action for optimal results in DAYS not weeks.

Check it out. I will generate your business leads FREE just to let you wet your beak on.

Now we can keep track of those leads sent to your business every day while going over a plan of action. We will take out your local competition and can further help to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS by enhancing your client base and increasing cash flow with our following elite services:

-Website Development & Design
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-E Commerce Optimization
-Social Media Marketing
-FaceBook Ads Expert*
-Local Lead Generation Campaign
-Business Phone Systems
-Search Engine Marketing
-Video Marketing
-Local SEO
-Campaign Specific Analytics

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