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ncrease Website Traffic & Build Brand Awareness To Funnel Targeted Traffic & Grow Sales!


Google introduces mobile first indexing June 2018.. how does your website stack up? Look good on a cell phone?

Is your site going to rank in the search engines or get penalized for mobile unresponsiveness! Web Design & properly executed SEO Virginia Beach can put your business on TOP of them SERPs!

Mobile Optimized Websites

Responsive Ads
As (SMO) experts we understand how to get the most out of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity. From reputation management to high converting PPC and Facebook Ad Campaigns we guarantee the best ROI or the work is FREE!
Social Media Optimization
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SEO Virginia Beach - Virtual Photography - Website Design 

SEO Virginia Beach Expert Online Marketing Shark is standing by to help businesses across Virginia Beach, VA and all across the United States from the East coast to the West gain exposure online and increase sales!

Virtual photography is a great way to captivate an audience and show off what's, "in store" for them. Are you leading the race in both on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as efficient PPC campaign management across both the new Google Ads platform and Facebook Platform? We have a proven track record for increasing search engine rankings for our clients which results in more business, for them and for us. While this approach to gain organic traffic is more cost efficient in the long run we also offer paid to advertise when you need results yesterday!

Digital Marketing & Website Design - To Grow Your Business

Marketing/Advertising is the bill that pays the bills however it should never cost you, my skills and what I can do to help your business grow will be a bright investment and multiplier. Are you ready to invest in yourself, in your business?

I will be happy to analyze any current marketing campaign you are working with and proffer candid insights as to the best approach and see if it's a fit for both of us from a business standpoint to do business together. For obvious reasons I only work with one business per verticle/niche per marketplace as to not conflict with my own efforts. Add a shark to your marketing offense, call or click today for a free no obligation assessment of your online presence or lack thereof.

Your complete solution to internet marketing and search engine optimization SEO Virginia Beach


98% Research Online before Buying. Attract more customers with a 360-degree virtual tour of your business


Encourage dialogue and coverage from influential people and sites


12 Seconds - Time it takes to make a Decision. Inspire your audience and captivate them or they're as good as gone

Are search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing listing your competitors above you? Or worse yet, is your Google ranking nowhere to be found at all? SEO services will greatly help you be discovered where buyers are actually looking.

Did you know that you could easily increase lead conversion rates by automating the callback process with a little trick we use called the game changer?

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Professional Website Design

website design and SEO virginia beach

1 - The Competition is Hammering You…  If your opponent has a local web design or SEO specialist, not you, rest assured, the one thing I can promise you is they are scooping up some golden opportunities!

2 - Money Saved Over Money Invested…  You read that correctly! How much money have you spent on advertising across billboards, on television, radio, in newspapers, magazines? With our web design approaches, it is easier than ever to track visitors and turn them into profitable clients. In fact, you can’t afford to NOT have a professional website these days, period.


3 - You’ll Own More TIME… How many calls have you received asking about the products or services you offer? To inquire? When customers comprehend your services listed throughout your local website or project gallery online made for your business, they’ll know exactly who they are working with and what products and or services you offer. Now, you can use your important time to set up appointments for any previously qualified leads while the phones keep on ringing

Google Virtual Business Tours in Amazing 4K

Virtual photography for [insert your business here]

A 360-degree walkthrough of your business is done by capturing a few high-quality pics with a special camera and then connecting each photo using Google software.

Learn more on this page we put together all about Google Virtual Business Tours.

Google Business View 360 Degree Tours

Virtual Photography Virginia Beach - Virtual 360 Degree Photography - Real Estate Tours

Virtual photography for Realtors.. Real Estate Tours in gorgeous 360-degree 4K quality now offered here at Online Marketing Shark to all local realtors!

Google Trusted Photographer status means being able to upload and connect the 360-degree photos directly to Google servers and allow for my work to be viewed immediately online.

For realtors, this means at the click of a button your listing's new tour is immediately viewable simply by going to Google and searching the property address (as seen in the video). 

Same Day Turnaround!

Please visit our page on Real Estate Photography for more information.

Local Search Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert in Virginia Beach, VA. Local internet marketing strategist executes white-hat methods to promote custom tailored campaigns with guaranteed ROI's. A win for everyone!

This means increases in customer engagement with 100% unique copyright curated content that captivates your audience making them compelled to want to do business with you!  

Google Map Pack 

Citations citations citations! Referred to as the "Google MAP Pack"!

Inclusion in this  Google snack pack progressively gets a little more aggressive with time...

Sharks LOVE snacks though and withstand the tests of time by aggressively figuring out this snack pack business.

What that means for you is we can get you in front of and receiving calls from the top three listings in your area too!

Link Building & Content

Link building is still and will continue to be the meat and potatoes basically to SEO Virginia.

Intricacy is unfortunately intertwined with doing this effectively, ethically, and where this poses a challenge for others to rank quickly in the search ranking organically, we know what we are doing here extremely well to have your website moving up the rankings fast!

Facebook Campaign Management

Drastically boost your sales by acquiring instant returns on your initial investment with PPC (pay-per-click).

86% of consumers will search their current city to discover their desired product(s) or service(s). 64.6% of buyers will click on ads when searching for a product or service.

Let us create a dominating force in your local area that attracts all consumers searching for your specific product or service using Facebook Advertisement.


Custom Website Design

Our experience in website design can inspire customers in any niche.

Already own a website but not getting the traffic it needs?

Looks aren't enough these days this is where Virginia Beach SEO Experts step in to help you get found online!

Having a nice website without an SEO plan to rank it is essentially a digital business card you never give out the URL for, what is the point.

1st Class Web Development

Whether all you need is a simple website that brings in traffic, or you are looking for a full-scale fortune 500 websites for your industry you have come to the right place. 

We design and develop all websites to be mobile optimized which is a huge deal with Google today. We make sure your site is constantly optimized and working seamlessly for your clients. We work with AI developers when you need something a bit more cutting-edge and deliver results worth sharing. 

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